Detroit Muslim who threatened church now 'humiliated'

(Associated Press) A Detroit-area man who works at his father’s pizzeria repeatedly apologized Monday for making provocative threats in support of the Islamic State group and insisted he meant no harm to anyone.

Khalil Abu Rayyan, 22, didn’t commit terrorism, but federal prosecutors are asking for a severe punishment — eight years in prison — for a gun crime and making false statements to get a firearm in 2015. They point to his online messages with an undercover FBI operative as proof that a long sentence is necessary to protect the public.

“I am so ashamed. I have humiliated myself,” Rayyan told a judge.

Rayyan sent photos of a beheading to his brother, watched “shock and awe” terror videos, and said he was willing to attack a church and a police officer in a hospital.

Detroit Muslim who threatened church now 'humiliated'
Source: WND