Award-winning artist memorializing 'March of the Deplorables'


Are you one of the “deplorables” whom twice-failed Democratic Party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton derisively condemned during the 2016 election campaign against Donald Trump?


“You could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Mrs. Clinton unleashed at a fundraiser with her fans, who laughed at her one-liner.

“Right? They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic. You name it,” she said.

Clinton was describing millions of patriotic Americans who aren’t into creating special programs for people based on race or sex, aren’t subscribers to the “gay” agenda and want their country to protect itself.

That coalition rose up in 2016 and elected Trump.

And now, with their help again, the movement that stunned both major political parties is being memorialized.

Award-winning Marnie Freeman, known as the “artist of liberty,” is developing a painting that will honor the uprising.

This link is your opportunity to become part of memorializing the 2016 victory by America’s “deplorables.”

The goal is to present the project to the president and Vice President Mike Pence.

The public, those “deplorables,” are being given an opportunity to get behind the project. Some $34,000 already has been raised – of a goal of $50,000 – for the costs and expenses of the endeavor. A first campaign raised about $33,000 and a second effort is already under way.

The costs include a donation to First Liberty, which works to restore religious liberty for Americans.

Supporters of the work by Freeman noted on their fundraising Indiegogo page that the 2016 election was historic.

“Many never thought he would ever even have a chance, but he tapped into a core of supporters who came out in force to win the White House and start a new chapter in the American story.”

The “basket of deplorables” slam from Clinton, they explain, “became a rallying cry for many who were on the fence with their support. These supporters prayed for candidate Trump and turned out in record numbers with a desire to ‘Make America Great Again’ as One Nation Under God. Now, they want to send a resounding message to President Trump: ‘We are standing behind you.’”

It’s the first time Freeman has accepted a public commission.

Her work includes “The White House in Springtime” for President Bush’s 2005 inauguration, City of Keller “Best in Show” “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” and “And Justice for All,” chosen by the late Justice Antonin Scalia to hang in his Supreme Court chambers.

The new piece will depict a line of supporters praying for and marching alongside President Trump to the White House.

Included will be key campaign figures such as Kellyanne Conway, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Katrina Pierson and Karen Pence.

The idea came from Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore, a retired Air Force chaplain. Moore asked Freeman to honor the men and women who made the 2016 victory happen. He believed it should be “commissioned by the people.”

The crowd-funding page offers several ways to participate.

Here’s her plans for the project:


This link is your opportunity to become part of memorializing the 2016 victory by America’s “deplorables.”


Award-winning artist memorializing 'March of the Deplorables'
Source: WND