Another war? The Deep State would love it

Truth is not relative, nor is it in the eyes of the beholder. Truth exists outside the eyes of the beholder, often at a goodly distance from where the fantasy world of “your truth” and “my truth” takes hold.

Given this, how do we assess the truthfulness of the claim that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad used poison gas on his own population?

  • We could have a knowledgeable observer on the ground who saw the attack preparations being carried out by soldiers or rebels.
  • We could have communications intelligence that attack orders were issued by the government or the rebel military command.
  • We could have a statement of responsibility by one side or the other.

Knowing that a poison gas attack took place and caused horrible deaths, and knowing who was responsible for ordering and carrying out the attack, are quite different things. This is especially true when deceptive means are employed to hide the identity of the attackers.

  • An observer on the ground could see soldiers in government uniforms deploying gas for the attack.
  • Those preparations could just as easily be made by rebel troops dressed in captured soldiers’ uniforms.
  • Government soldiers could just as easily be dressed as rebel troops.

In any case, an observer could have an ax to grind, or be lying about what he or she saw. Given that, I’m betting that we relied on communication’s intelligence: the National Security Agency and its vast wiretap network across the world.

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Unfortunately, the NSA has proven incapable of policing its activities here in America (where it is forbidden to operate against American citizens, but appears to do so with impunity).

  • Its senior leaders have lied repeatedly to Congress about its activities
  • Its “black” budget is certainly under scrutiny by Congress
  • Its vast capabilities have been used for domestic espionage by an existing administration to protect against challengers.

The question for President Trump, for Congress and for each of us is: Can this agency be believed anymore? Or is it run by people who have dug in just below the surface with their own agendas, allegiances and preferred outcomes?

The agency is vast, unaccountable and untrustworthy. Because of its immense, “black” budget, it has its own agenda, which like every other government agency is to grow ever bigger and more powerful, at the expense of those it “serves.”

Our nation’s founders crafted a government that would survive in the hands of sinful men and women. The Constitution’s separation-of-powers in essence used all the human flaws of the participants to expose and control the central government’s power. Our nation cannot – and will not – survive a government able to avoid accountability, manufacture events, hide its budget, blackmail opponents and begin wars on its own.

The Deep State pledges allegiance only to itself. Nothing would please its allies more than to embroil America in another war. The Deep State’s power and prestige would grow. Its sins against the nation would be forgotten. Its borderless, global-elitist cheerleaders would be well-pleased, their fortunes and powers increased at the expense of the rest of us.

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Another war? The Deep State would love it
Source: WND