Isis Harambe is real – and so is her name

(Daily Dot) Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

A parent, in order to provide a more viral future for their child, gives them a very unique name. Then, they infiltrate a group of neocon policymakers to persuade them to launch an ill-advised invasion of a Middle Eastern nation in an effort to destabilize the region and hope that a splinter organization rises from the warring factions. Then, over a decade later, they head to a zoo and cause an incident of such concern that authorities are forced to euthanize a beloved animal.

A tale as old as time, am I right? But enough about the guy named Al-Qaeda Tatiana the Siberian Tiger.

We’re talking about Isis Harambe, who yes, really exists—and the name is real, too, according to California authorities.

Isis Harambe is real – and so is her name
Source: WND