This day in WND history: Casino becomes no-Bible zone

BibleStackCasino becomes no-Bible zone

April 30, 2003: “Thou shalt not place Bibles in our casino hotel rooms.”

Such was the commandment from the flashy, new Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, home of the Borgata Babe cocktail waitress and shower-stall-for-two.

The $1.1 billion resort broke ranks with all other casinos, refusing to allow the Gideons to place a Bible in any of its 2,002 hotel rooms.

“What we’ve found is there’s such a diversity of gaming customers that visit Atlantic City, by putting one generic publication in there you’re not fulfilling the needs of everybody,” Borgata spokesman Michael Facenda said.

“You could do the Mormon Bible, the Quran, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Greek New Testament. … Where we ended up is we’re not going to put anything in there,” he said.

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This day in WND history: Casino becomes no-Bible zone
Source: WND