I cannot tell a lie

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A young boy on his way to school one morning passed the outhouse by the pond behind his home.

All of a sudden he got a wild urge to push the outhouse into the pond, so with a running start he knocked it over and watched it roll a few times then slowly sink under the surface as he ran off toward school.

In class that day, they learned about how George Washington cut down the cherry tree, but when confronted about it he told his father the truth and thus did not get a whipping for the deed. So he decided to use this strategy if questioned about the outhouse when he got home.

As he approached his house, he saw his father on the porch brandishing a big switch.

When he got close enough his father said, “Boy, I’m only gonna ask this one time … what do you know about the outhouse getting pushed into the pond?”

The boy swallowed hard and said, “Dad, just as George Washington cut down the cherry tree, but decided to tell the truth, I must admit to you that I pushed the outhouse into the pond.”

With that his father grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and began to give him a good ole country whippin’. The boy cried out, “But Dad, George Washington’s dad didn’t whip him!”

“Yes son,” the father replied, “that is true, but George Washington’s dad was not IN the cherry tree when he cut it down!”

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I cannot tell a lie
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