50 years later, untold stories of Jim Morrison's arrest

(WTNH) In 1967, “Light My Fire” was a new hit single. The Doors were becoming famous. Then a trip to New Haven 50 years ago made the group’s lead singer infamous.

“A cop came to the stage and said, ‘Jim, tone it down or we’re going to have to take you off the stage,’” said Jake Russell.

Jake has filled his downtown New Haven hot dog stand, Jake’s Diggity Dogs, with memorabilia of that night. His father, Joey Russell, played Happy the Clown on Channel 8 years ago, and was part owner of the New Haven Blades hockey team. The Blades played at the New Haven Arena, so Joey’s three sons basically grew up in the Arena. The Arena hosted concerts as well as hockey.

“You want to go? ‘Hey Dad, I want to go.’ You’re going,” is how the middle son, Carl, explained it.

Carl and the oldest Russell brother, Hanon, did go to The Doors concert at the Arena. The building stood where the FBI building is now, which is a little ironic considering the confrontation Morrison had with law enforcement.

50 years later, untold stories of Jim Morrison's arrest
Source: WND