This day in WND history: Scientology shifts into Nascar

dianeticscar1Scientology shifts into NASCAR

June 7, 2006: When most people think of NASCAR, they think of fast, flashy cars highly decorated with the markings of their sponsors.

The kinds of sponsors have varied greatly over the years, from cigarette and beer companies, to food products and even Viagra. But, in 2006, a new entrant to the circuit raised a few eyebrows: Scientology.

Driver Kenton Gray, of La Verne, California, piloted the No. 27 “DIANETICS” car, featuring the erupting volcano from the cover the 1950 book by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Gray said he was proud to have Dianetics as a sponsor, saying techniques he learned from Scientology helped him.

“It’s markedly improved my focus and my consistency,” he said. “Through Dianetics, I’ve handled stress and increased my performance and ability to compete – both on the track and in life.”

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This day in WND history: Scientology shifts into Nascar
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