This day in WND history: Showering with 'Jesus'

showerjesus1Showering with ‘Jesus’

June 25, 2005: Did the Son of God make guest appearances in homes across North America?

Photos of items for sale on eBay had some wondering, as purported images of Jesus were used as a marketing tool.

“Shower Jesus has been freed from the wall!” exclaimed Jeff Rigo of Pittsburgh, who offered “a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the Son of God. No other items, promises, tidings, or guarantees are included.”

Rigo was able to sell the holy water stain for $1,999, purchased by Internet casino, the same company which cashed out $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich with an alleged image of the Virgin Mary.

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This day in WND history: Showering with 'Jesus'
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