NASA's war with Gwyneth Paltrow goes out of this world

(Poor dear must be way out of tune. She’s wearing five stickers!)

(Poor dear must be way out of tune. She’s wearing five stickers!)

Flim-flam-glam? Or just a rip off?

She’s at it again, folks. Gwyneth Paltrow’s “lifestyle” blog Goop is getting busy promoting anything but their banner line of cutting-edge wellness. Try cutting the edges to ensure the critically thinking-impaired feel stylish as they are fleeced of real dollars and cents. This unschooled generation, however, seems to play the willing victim despite quackery.

“Over the years, the actress has proclaimed women should steam their (bleep), that water has feelings, and that your body holds secret organs,” Vox relates with much-earned disdain.

WND reported on Paltrow’s jade egg venture, $60 each, back in January. Schlepped as a means to keep a woman prepared for her man like empresses of old, the jade egg is nothing but an invite to toxic shock syndrome. And yet they all sold out! Wow.

Paltrow’s blog posted the following in support of their newest health and beauty aid, Body vibe stickers:

Human bodies operate at an ideal energetic frequency, but everyday stresses and anxiety can throw off our internal balance, depleting our energy reserves and weakening our immune systems. Body Vibes stickers come pre-programmed to an ideal frequency, allowing them to target imbalances.

Pre-programmed? Ideal frequency? Who writes this stuff? Who believes this stuff?

Both questions are rhetorical. They have to be. Asking for real answers serves no purpose as Paltrow is raking in profits; as are those who, in light of absurd claims, appear to have no qualms about cultivating the invincibly ignorant.

Check out the success of her first and fabulously attended “Wellness Summit” where the HBO discusses the “special breed of cynicism” to which Goop is subjected:


What is the problem? Seriously. Body Vibe stickers can be had for a mere $60 per dozen. Sadly, the new must-have for personal healing is only sold in packs of 24, leaving you plumb out of luck unless you have $120 to drop (shipping not included).

But what wouldn’t you pay for a healing sticker made from “NASA space suit” material?” The need to “rebalance energy frequency in our bodies,” as Gizmodo tells it, is a critical issue!

Thankfully, this nuttery did not stand. Fox News relates that “Mark Shelhamer, former chief scientist at NASA’s human research division, told Gizmodo of the product: “Wow. What a load of BS this is.”

Gwyneth Paltrow with some big profit dangling from each ear

Gwyneth Paltrow with some big profit dangling from each ear

Shelhamer said the sticker’s claim to have carbon material from NASA spacesuits is false. He said the suits contained synthetic polymers, spandex and other materials, not carbon.

“Not only is the whole premise like snake oil, the logic doesn’t even hold up,” Shelhamer said. “If they promote healing, why do they leave marks on the skin when they are removed?”

Goop, as well as Body Vibes, has since apologized and removed the false claims … but not the stickers. (That would deprive the public.)

But what can you expect? Paltrow is the one who, along with mother Blythe Danner, chose Mother’s Day back in 2006 to promote abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

This was done, according to LifeSite, “Under the guise of ‘protecting women’ when there is ample evidence that abortion has physical, emotional, and psychological consequences that have adversely affected the lives of tens of thousands of women.”

But when there’s money to be made and popularity to be gained, does that really matter?

Man-bun Ken doll – say it isn’t so

Move over Barbie: Ken needs vanity time and a good dose of product to tame his new man bun. That’s right. Far from promoting the evil of short, manageable hair for men, the Mattel classic is now going to rock hair, enough to upsweep into a man bun … as if dubbing the bun manly somehow makes it so.

Check out the video below:


And while some may be reeling at the latest rollout of inclusive gone crazy – who can forget the Hijarbie? – we should all heave a sigh of relief that the man bun is only plastic. For now.

What will next year’s toys look like?

Ken may be sporting loose hair to be styled at will. Beard clips may be the new accessory (not a bad option considering real men grow beards!). And competing G.I. Joe, not to be left out, may well come with a tranny pack – think an M.R.E. that contains all the essentials of I-feel-pretty today.

Man bun Ken twitter

Less noticeable, but no less important, is the hip remodel. That’s hips, literally. Ken will now come in narrow, broad, and original. The original model has been lovingly dubbed the dad-bod, maybe because back in 1961 parents wanted their daughters to think of men as future fathers: responsible, committed, and not overly keen on excessive personal grooming. The poor broad Ken, however, may likely gather dust on the shelf as often happens in life … especially in light of the hype that surrounds fashionable stylin’.

Who knows?

As Wired reports, Mattel’s Mr. Hipster “caught the attention of Twitter – and not in a good way.” So, there may be some hope. In the interim, Barbie better beat her petite plastic feet (still unreflective of societal norms) to the bathroom in the morning if she wants time in front of the mirror!


Why do cats meow?

Here, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty. The call humans engage to entice their feline counterparts is pretty universal. So, too, is the cat’s corresponding meow, most often not given when humans prefer, but when the cat wants something from its human.

“Meows are demands: let me OUT, let me IN, pet me, play with me, FEED me!” explains the Spruce, adding: “As the cat becomes more passionate and insistent, his meows grow more strident and lower-pitched.”

Think about an infant, who has no other mode of speech save crying when he or she requires services. That’s what cats do with the humans who, odd as it may seem, take on the role of parent. Kittens do meow. Adult cats in the wild, do not. And much like babies do with parents, a cat – if given its fancy – can begin to run its owner.

Check out the following video to get to know your baby a little better:


The facts may surprise you … like some of our furry friends being allergic to humans.

NASA's war with Gwyneth Paltrow goes out of this world
Source: WND