A future out-of-this-world honeymoon hotspot?

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Honeymoon hot spot – on Mars?

Looking for that remote, unique, and unforgettable honeymoon getaway?

The Niagara Falls of Mars has just been discovered. But while the lava flows that mimic the romantic wedding destination may not appeal – same thing for the travel restrictions and lack of oxygen – NASA scientists are more than smitten.

“The lava flows and falls are distinct as they are rougher than the original features that are smooth and knobby,” NASA said in a statement reported on Mashable. “NASA and other space agencies are particularly interested in studying Mars because it might hold their best chance of finding signs of past life in our solar system outside of Earth.”

Niagara Falls on Mars

Niagara Falls on Mars

So, any new discoveries are exciting! (No romance required.)

Canuck the Crow and Shawn Bergman, his caretaker pal –not your typical pet/owner relationship

Canuck the Crow and Shawn Bergman, his caretaker pal –
not your typical pet/owner relationship

He’s b-b-b-b-bad. Bad to the bone. And he’s a bird

You read that right. “Canuck,” the unconventional crow, reared by humans but living at large, is back in the news flapping up customers at a Vancouver McDonald’s just last week. Eatery regulars recognize him as adding to the local color. Others, however, react differently … maybe because they like their lunch and want to keep it.

Check out the video below where a hungry woman holds her own against the presumptuous poacher:


Don’t be fooled by Canuck’s piteous wails. He may be viewed as a sweetie by some, but the Vancouver residents, whose neighborhood was dubbed a postal No-Go Zone thanks to Canuck’s biting the mailman a few days earlier, are not amused.

This bird is no innocent. And he’s not being framed. Each incident involves the same black crow with the distinctive plastic orange ankle bracelet. Getting ready for that prison jump suit? Who knows?

Canuck the crow tampering with evidence

Canuck the crow tampering with evidence

Canuck’s rap sheet goes on to include tampering with the scene of a crime, harassing Sky Train commuters, nabbing credit cards, and – on a more personal note – developing a taste for gambling.

But hey, “He does his own thing,” (Shawn) Bergman, told CTV News at the time. Raised by Bergman, Canuck didn’t exactly receive the standard training as a fledgling. So, as with every criminal, there’s a story.

Imagine the story Alfred Hitchcock would have made about birds that don’t understand the natural order. Oh, wait, he did!


The nuts! They’re breeding!

First it was Gwyneth’s Goop and now we have Lindsay Lohan giving lifestyle lessons at – Preemium.

Lindsay Lohan – Preemium

Lindsay Lohan – Preemium

According to Refinery29, Disney Girl Gone Bad # – sorry, lost count – “knows everyone is wondering about what her day-to-day life looks like now that she’s been attached to two new television projects, separated from her Russian boyfriend, and briefly lost her grip on the English language.”

Yes, she actually did suggest back in 2016 that her amalgamated attempts at a sexy accent be dubbed LiLohan, but all that will be on the blog! And it only costs a mere $2.99 a month!


Can’t wait to sign up?

If not, maybe the promise of four as-yet-unnamed stars will intrigue you. Whoever shows up to cash in, the hope is that the new platform will mutate to feature more “Goop-esque content.” Oh, boy, just what the public needs!

In the interim, one can feast on “personal diaries, video updates, exclusive personal photos, breaking news, fashion and beauty tutorials, shopping guides, behind the scenes content and much more.” Like Lohan cooking.

But cooking what? That’s the question. Smells fishy to me.



Are fireflies disappearing?

As you gear up to enjoy this year’s Independence Day fireworks, consider the plight of the firefly. Once caught and put en masse into Chinese lanterns, this simple beetle is finding it increasingly difficult to do what beetles do – find a mate – and get on with the business of living. Or the business of dying.

Courtship usually involves female fireflies on the grass responding with a flash to approved males of the same species who have flashed their prowess from above. Quaint. The female chooses the when and the who, and another generation of fireflies is spawned.

Not so quaint, but a behavior that is recognizable in other animal species that shall remain nameless, is signaling an agreeable “yes” to a male while being of a different species and while harboring a far different agenda: eating the male!

However one views the above behaviors, deforestation, excess light pollution, and urban sprawl all play a part in reducing the firefly population. A sad state of affairs.

Don’t think so? Check out the following video that demonstrates just how beautiful fireflies can be:


And if you want to help preserve these glorious beetles, it’s not that difficult. Firefly.org recommends the following:

  • Turn off outside lights at night
  • Let logs and litter accumulate.
  • Create a water features in your landscape
  • Avoid pesticides, especially lawn chemicals
  • Don’t over-mow your lawn

A future out-of-this-world honeymoon hotspot?
Source: WND