Witchcraft: The latest in political lobbying?

Lana Del Rey: Full time singer, part-time hocus-pocus practitioner

Lana Del Rey: Full time singer, part-time hocus-pocus practitioner

Witches at work or just dumb tools?

Double, double, toil and trouble. Lana del Rey admits she did it!

The 32-year-old “Lust for Life” singer, unknown to this author before her unholy link with Donald Trump, admits she used her knowledge of witchcraft to place a hex on America’s 45th president who has sworn to Make America Great Again. Raw Story explains:

“Yeah, I did it,” the singer told NME. “Why not? Look, I do a lot of sh*t.”

Expanding on her interest in the occult, Del Rey said she believed that “vibrations” created by thoughts were capable of manifesting themselves physically, presumably via occult rituals.

“I’m in line with Yoko [Ono] and John [Lennon] and the belief that there’s a power to the vibration of a thought,” she said. “Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical charges.”

While Del Rey’s original incantation evolved around keeping Trump out of office, her latest effort – sent via mysterious tweet to her followers – entreated online faithful to put a hex on Trump. “Ingredients” were said to be available online. The purpose of the hex? Who knows? And what are the unnamed ingredients?

Donald J. Trump - coping with occult kooks

Donald J. Trump – coping with occult kooks

Del Rey may not list them, but an idiot’s eagerness to invite unknown danger at the behest of one who admittedly doesn’t know what she’s doing are top of the list. (Sound familiar, Democratic Party?) By Del Rey’s own admission, thoughts can manifest. But is Del Rey cognizant of all the thoughts of those she’s led to her “think it and it will be” petition to Demon Central? Is she aware of where this “energy” arises?

Probably not. Details ruin the mood. So, too, does the truth.

But the Devil isn’t called the Father of Lies for no reason. Yet, as often happens with the overzealous and undereducated, that doesn’t seem to matter because what “we” know, that is what little we are willing to discover by honest and unbiased investigation – which constitutes nothing – is all that’s required. And those online ingredients of course!

So, while we’ve got Islam on the rise, picking up the rear is an increasing mob of dumbed-down Do-Evilers (what do you call those opposed to doing good?) dredging up the Devil to rescue them from fiscal accountability and the horror of protecting their own backyards.

For while it’s true we don’t know the intended end of the hex or the content of the witch’s brew, a hex properly understood is “an evil curse or spell,” according to the Urban Dictionary. A deeper dive at DifferenceBetween explains: “A hex is expected to bring bad luck to the one who is put under it. It is considered as an evil spell because it wishes bad things to happen to whom it is cast.” This is different from merely wishing bad might befall another.

Readers may be inclined toward a, “God help us!” But in tandem we must not just begin helping ourselves, but actively help others.

Educate! Instructing the ignorant is a work of mercy. Denounce nuttery when you see it. Why? Because otherwise it multiplies.

And keep your crosses! Muslims hate them as much as Wiccans.

Check out the video below to get some stats on witchcraft, one of the fastest-growing “religions” in America:


Spread the truth that the evil you don’t know is often truly evil, not just a political upset. Snowflakes may melt as a result of this revelation, but the more the better!

And please, explain that calling all Satanists – there’s a battery behind that Wicca wonder – is not the best idea, especially when the supposed motivation of your actions is a great big bleeding heart that cares so much for everyone that you’d be willing to sell your soul.

Oops. Pesky details again.

But that’s where the Devil likes to hide. And while Ms. Del Rey may have a lust for life, Satan – the unknown she’s cavalierly courting in this blatant plug for publicity – prefers death. Should be one hell of dance!

Devil brewing trouble

The Devil is hard at work

Contrary to popular opinion, the Devil is hard at work. He’s hardly unemployed, despite nobody knowing exactly where he is.

What is the Devil? A myth, a scary story to frighten children into being good? A classic costume with tail, horns, and a penciled-on black mustache? These are but a few of the beliefs many hold these days about the Ruler of Hell.

And guess what? That makes him very happy, just like the minions who go forth like Satanist Lucien Greaves who fancies the Devil to be a bringer of enlightenment. And we’re not talking about the dawning of self that spurs a toddler to blurt out his first “No!” Absolutely not. Take a peek at the interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson below:


The devil is no imp. And he’s busy, people. This is not said to scare, but to serve as a wake-up slap to those who have been lulled to indifference by living in a land of plenty. Plenty of Christians, that is. The Star Tribune notes:

A war memorial depicting a soldier kneeling by a cross has been pulled from — and may not return to — a Belle Plaine park, potentially ending an emotional battle over religious symbolism in public spaces.

The 2-foot steel statue, entitled “Joe,” was removed by its creator’s family a day before dueling observances Saturday at Veterans Memorial Park. Its return now is threatened by a Belle Plaine City Council proposal that also would block an anti-religion group from moving ahead with plans to install a satanic monument nearby.

War memorial called 'Joe'

War memorial called ‘Joe’

Proposed Satanic Veterans Memorial

Proposed Satanic Veterans Memorial

The proposed satanic structure – a stark black cube with an upturned soldiers helmet, and adorned with pentagrams – was approved by the city council. Had Christians not demurred, removing their crosses and “Joe,” Belle Plains could have been the first, as currently there are no Satanic monuments on public property in the United States.


Are they coming? Sure! While many struggle with work ethic – a good one – that’s one virtue Satan has down cold. He works very hard. All. The. Time.

Christians unite! We’ve got work to do.

Boys will be beasts – even when they’re old enough to know better

Boys will be beasts – even when they’re old enough to know better

Older but wiser? Not this time

Monkey see, monkey do. The maxim doesn’t just apply to apes. Humans learn by aping – imitating how speak, walk, and how to behave themselves. If the elders model ape-like behavior, the results will not be good.

Take, for instance, the age-on-age slug-fest that saw David Fox, 65, featured below, arrested for aggravated assault in Peterborough, Ontario this past week:


Lucky for the 74-year-old victim, bloodied and dazed, help arrived in time.

“The sound of the club hitting him was sickening,” the woman (who shot the video) told the Star. “Blood was flying off it.”

Fox, who finally gave off at the arrival of band of onlookers, stuffed the bloodied club in his pocket. He had the victim’s blood on his face, insisting that “he” tried to walk away. He proceeded to drive away from the scene of the assault, but was nabbed an hour later by police who charged him with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

Lucky for Fox that help arrived in time. He could have faced a murder charge. Clearly a legacy of older doesn’t necessarily meaning wiser.

Witchcraft: The latest in political lobbying?
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