This day in WND history: Judge kills family friendly flicks

Judge kills family friendly flicks

WND-20-YearsJuly 30, 2006: Numerous legal battles took a devastating toll on CleanFilms, Family Flix and other companies that edited scenes containing sex, nudity, profanity and excessive violence from mainstream movies to provide a viewing alternative for families concerned over explicit video content.

clean_filmsIn a letter to customers, CleanFilms Chief Executive Officer Ken Roberts regretfully announced that a Colorado ruling forced the company to close the business. The U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado sided with major film studios July 6, 2006, contending that the “mechanical editing parties” violated copyright law.

“After three long years of legal struggles, a judge in Colorado has ruled that we cannot sell or rent edited DVDs anymore,” Roberts said.

“While we thought very strongly about appealing the decision, the potential costs and risks to the company, its customers and shareholders was just too great. Accordingly, we have agreed to close our doors after a brief winding-up period.”

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This day in WND history: Judge kills family friendly flicks
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