'Silence is violence'?

How many statues of Lenin have been taken down? Mao? Marx? There are surely a few dozen around. How many “deplorables” showed up to counter-protest the last 10 dozen leftist rants? Speak out supporting anything the left disapproves of or, now, even remain silent and not support something they do, and you are a racist, hater or bigot. Boston sign last weekend: “Silence is Violence.”

It used to be the worst thing you could be was “unscientific,” but now even Dr. Ben Carson gets his house vandalized for crossing the enlightened thought police. Scott Lively in “Elites got a two-fer …” got it right.

Sigh, if Hillary had been elected, we would have been spared all this. Just a few unheeded conservative voices would have been heard as the left and the swamp merrily put the finishing touches on their novus ordo seclorum dream.

Daniel Harms

'Silence is violence'?
Source: WND