Talibanesque vandalism

Long-abolished slavery is just the cover story du jour for lawless leftists. The ruling class is orchestrating statuary vandalism and faux outrage to thwart an Article V convention of states – inciting frenzy over antique statuary NOW so as to tar Article V LATER as “racist,” hearkening to 1860 when sovereign state legislatures en bloc challenged D.C.

A balanced-budget amendment and state governments with mechanisms to curb federal gluttony and tyranny are the worst nightmares of big-government leftists, globalists, deep-staters and career politicians, to name a few hogs at the government trough. Not to forget, the annual multi-trillion dollar Ponzi scheme run in Washington has been an all-you-can-eat buffet for the aforementioned as well as the grifters and squalid lefties who milk the victimhood racket. The latter can flip a switch and the average left-wing ignoramus and brain-dead SJW will believe an Article V convention is worse than nuclear winter.

As to the left’s Talibanesque vandalism, whenever did feral barbarians on the left, mentally ill to boot, appreciate magnificent art anyway?

S. Morris

Talibanesque vandalism
Source: WND