This day in WND history: Child molester leads 'gays' in Scout protest


Child molester leads ‘gays’ in Boy Scout protest

WND-20-YearsAug. 24, 2000: A coalition of groups protesting Boy Scouts of America’s former policy of not accepting homosexual leaders and members chose an unlikely candidate to lead their demonstration – a convicted child molester who had served time for molesting a 10-year-old boy.

John Hemstreet – former Boy Scout leader, former priest and convicted child molester – told WND in 2000 that he was an example of the type of person who should be permitted to be a Boy Scout leader. Indeed, he said he was a great scoutmaster.

“The thing that I did seven years ago is a horrendous thing. I’m not denying that. Nor am I denying that I did it. I was arrested. I was arraigned. I did go to court. I was sentenced. I served my time, and I am off probation,” explained Hemstreet.

Indeed, Hemstreet told WND he saw his efforts to open leadership positions in scouting as his way of paying back the community and making restitution for his past crimes.

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This day in WND history: Child molester leads 'gays' in Scout protest
Source: WND