This day in WND history: WND Books rocking world for 15 years


WND Books rocking world for 15 years

wndb-Farah-Restitution-of-All-Things-COVERSept. 3, 2002: Fifteen years ago, rocked the media world when it became the first Internet company to launch its own book-publishing divisionWND Books.

The imprint has sparked a long list of New York Times best-sellers, including two No. 1 titles, and is still going strong with blockbusters.

The saga of WND Books began in 2002 with Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris’ book about the court war that erupted over the contested 2000 presidential election, “Center of the Storm.”

By 2007, as it celebrated its fifth anniversary, the book-publishing arm of, the Internet’s largest independent news site, had published a string of influential titles. These included one pulling the plug on a government cover-up of North American merger plans, Jerome Corsi’s “The Late Great USA,” which made the New York Times best-seller list.

WND-20-YearsReaching the No. 1 position have been the second release from WND Books, Michael Savage’s “The Savage Nation,” as well as the radio talk show host’s “The Enemy Within.”

Other big hits include “The Marketing of Evil,” “Disinformation,” “Muslim Mafia,” “The Islamic Antichrist,” “See Something, Say Nothing,” “The Jefferson Lies,” “Blood Moons,” “Stop the Presses!” “The Third Terrorist,” “Spiritual Warfare,” “Shooting Back” and “Stealth Invasion. See some of the newest and hottest releases at WND Books.

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This day in WND history: WND Books rocking world for 15 years
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